Guruji’s Simple Words ~ Wake Up, Practice Yoga

I sat down tonight to read a few pages in the September Yoga Journal and came across many wonderful “reflections” paid tribute to Pattabhi Jois.  In one of the reflections, David Williams recalls the introduction and training in Ashtanga yoga he received from “Guruji,” including one of Guruji’s early visits to America  in 1975.  After two months of teaching daily Mysore-style classes, Guruji had one night before returning home, and Williams sought parting words of wisdom.

I asked, “Guruji, you have seen my life, you have met my friends. As a big yogi to a little yogi, do you have any advice for me?”

“Yes,” Guruji replied. “Each morning wake up. Do as much yoga as you want. Maybe you’ll eat, maybe you’ll fast. Maybe you’ll sleep indoors, maybe you’ll sleep outdoors. The next morning, wake up. Do as much yoga as you want. Maybe you’ll eat, maybe you’ll fast. Maybe you’ll sleep indoors, maybe you’ll sleep outdoors. Practice yoga, and all is coming!

Not only do I love that story (and all the rest of the tributes) for the great history it captures, but also for the truth of the philosophy conveyed in such simple words:

  • Wake up every day
  • Practice yoga every day

Accomplish those two tasks and the rest of life’s little details take care of themselves.


    1. From a fellow newbie, I can still tell you what poses to do. As simple as the advice he gave. Do whatever you feel. Whatever poses come to you, do them. For a start. I am still trying to get my own home routine so I know it’s tough to get started. Once we jump in though….ooooooh! That’s all I can say. 🙂 xoxo

  1. I Love This SO Much! I love how simple it is. We make everything so complicated and think it has to be when in reality. Just simply doing something and doing it as WE do it, will make everything else happen! Wow! Thanks for this! xoxo

  2. That´s why yoga is about faith. You practice and practice and practice, “and all is comming!” 🙂 So inspiring!!!

  3. The biggest revolution we can do: Yoga practice! Imagine if in the world, every human beeing could invest some time for him/herself, and practice some yoga. How revolucionary this will be? I think we can change the world in a better place!

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