Why Freeing Your Mind Will Free Your Soul


Free your mind, and the rest will follow.

Freedom-seekers unite. Yoga-lovers, body-lovers, mat meditators, dancers, divers, deep-soul seekers. We are all here for the very same reason. Moksha. Liberation. To be free.

Our soul craves it. Our mind fears it. Our hearts love it.

Free your mind.

It will lift you up, grow your wings, light your fire, and free your soul.

Ananda. Bliss. Being free from the shackles of fear. Free from the doubts, the limitations, and the belief that we are anything but infinitely power-full. Full of power. The power of the universe; it’s within you.

It is your soul. Our soul exists beyond our mind, beyond our fears, our doubts, our limitations and the belief that we are anything but infinitely powerful. Our soul knows. Your soul knows your power. And it is calling you to free yourself from anything that makes you act smaller than you really are.

You are called to live your brightest, biggest life. You are called to shine.

Let the doubts go. Drop your hands away from the bars in front of your face so you can see that you were holding them there all along. Step back. Shake it off. Dance. Laugh. Do yoga. Jump in the ocean with your clothes on. Jump in the ocean with your clothes off.

Be the change you want to see in the world; and see your world start to change. Embody your truth. Embody your light. Taste enlightenment. Embody your soul.

Go from living from a place of fear to living from a place of love. Move towards anything that lights you up, makes you feel lighter, stronger, deeply happy. Move away from anything that makes you feel weighed down, tensed up, and weak. You’ve got the power.

Disbelieve all thoughts that cause you to feel afraid, to doubt your brilliance. Choose to fuel your faith—in yourself. You’re only as strong as you think you are.

We create our world. Maya. The illusion of ultimate, concrete reality. There is no such thing. We create our world with our mind. We get what we expect.

So go beyond. Go with awe. Go with reverence. Be free.

“We are the world, we are the maya, and we are the immortal self.” Swami Maheshanda Saraswati

Much love,


Editor’s note: A guest post by Lindsey Lewis, freedom-seeker, yoga teacher, life coach at www.libreliving.com

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