Smithsonian yoga exhibit lectures now all online for you

The Confluence Countdown

I’d been paying attention to the Freer|Sackler Youtube page, figuring at some point they’d get up some things from the big yoga exhibit. I slacked off, but they are available at this link. They’ve been up a couple of weeks — and only have 60 or so views each, so I don’t feel like we’re too far behind.

I’m hoping that link works — it was a bit wonky for me. So, if it doesn’t, here’s one of the videos (it should be the first), and if you click through on it, it’ll get you there (no promises about where there is):

There is about four hours worth.

We still are planning to catch the show when it comes out to San Francisco, and I’m sure we’ll write something about it — although a little late to the party.

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