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Bliss is Not an Attitude

For me the reality of bliss within is not just a nice, fanciful New Age idea. It is not a mood, or an attitude of happiness. Bliss is a way of being in the world, and can be established as…

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Sacred Sound: Mantras & Chants

Many years ago when I started a yoga practice, I had no idea what it would reveal to me. I was just hoping for a little extra strength and flexibility, and I did what I could to avoid all the…

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Is Your Head on Straight?

Freeze! Don’t move and notice your posture. Chances are–­­if you’re reading this on a computer, tablet or smart phone–­­your head and shoulders are hunched forward and your spine is rounded. Your neck, jaw and dominant arm may also be tense.…

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Going Creative – Meditation and Creative Consciousness

Humans are conscious beings. We are able to both analyze the creative spirit, discuss it intellectually — and also experience it. When we meditate, we come home to our own creative fount, a sense of oneness that evaporates the ego-centred…

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Santa’s Christmas Yoga Routine

A fun little Christmas e-book for kids and those still young at heart… I posted this a few years ago, but it’s still enjoyable to look at this time of year.

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To Obtain the Benefits of Yoga Requires More than Just Putting on the Garb of a Yogi

I’m re-reading Yoga Mala by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and rediscovered this gem on p. 5, which I love because it motivates and reminds us that true understanding of yoga only comes through diligent practice: We now have to ask whether it…