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Video: How to Use a Neti Pot

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Take a Five Minute Yoga Break!

I always find it surprising how much better I feel at work if I take a few minutes every now and then to sit up, stretch my body, and take some relaxing breaths.  I found this refreshing routine at Yoga+…

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Savasana ~ A Great Pose for Practicing the Art of Doing Nothing

“…every day, a little ‘bit dying.” Pattabhi Jois Perhaps you've discovered, as I have, that you have some of your best do nothing time when you're laying on your mat in Savasana ("Corpse Pose").  For another take on the subject,…

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The Art of Doing Nothing

Isn't it nice to have those moments in life when you've checked off every last box on your agenda and can just let your mind and body relax?   I'm sure that happens to you all the time, right? Yeah,…

3 comments on “Mayo Clinic – Do Yoga to Improve Your Stress Management and Relaxation Skills”

Mayo Clinic – Do Yoga to Improve Your Stress Management and Relaxation Skills

Check out the following article from the Mayo Clinic for a basic introduction to yoga and the variety of health benefits enjoyed by its practitioners. Yoga: Improve your stress management and relaxation skills - MayoClinic.com

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Yoga for Work

Lucky for me, I'm not currently sitting at a computer 14 hours a day. Hence, I'm less in need of ideas for getting some physical movement in during the day while at work. But, for most people some simple stretching,…