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Weekend Yoga Video: Maybe Someday


I also just came across Yogacards.com, an interesting site where you can print off yoga posture cards that can be used during practice for creative sequencing.  Looks fairly useful, especially since it’s free.

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Yoga for Work

Lucky for me, I’m not currently sitting at a computer 14 hours a day. Hence, I’m less in need of ideas for getting some physical movement in during the day while at work. But, for most people some simple stretching, breathing, and mind-centering during the workday could make a huge difference in productivity as well as physical and mental well-being.

I ran across a series of ten minute video clips designed by a yoga instructor for bringing a little bit of yogic awareness into the workplace and thought I’d share. The exercises are designed to counteract the effects of sitting down hour after hour. So, if you’re stuck at a desk for most of the day, use a few breaks during the day to do some desk yoga.

.MOV files .WMV
Part 1: Introducing the Exercises (9:40 minutes)

14 MB

Part 2: Linking the Exercises to Your Breath (12:17 minutes)

16 MB

Part 3a: Varying the Exercises (9:57 minutes)

14 MB

Part 3b: Varying the Exercises (8:40 minutes)

11 MB

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Weekend Yoga Video: Soldiers Learn Yoga

Here’s another segment from the Y Yoga movie. I’m pretty sure that Diamond Dallas Page was a professional wrestler and now it looks like he’s changed his focus a bit. Talk about a no nonsense yoga instructor. I was pleasantly surprised with his earnestness in giving the soldiers in Iraq a gift that will help them better face the challenges they are up against.  I really quite liked this clip.

It sounds like the full-length feature film will debut in December of this year or February of next year.

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Weekend Yoga Video: Y Yoga Movie

Found this clip over at Elsie’s Yoga Kula, where by the way you can find weekly yoga class podcasts to practice with. Elsie’s website also has pictures of the asanas corresponding with her great instruction. So head on over there and take a class or two. Enjoy!