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Face Yoga – The Quick and Easy Office Yoga Routine

Doesn't sitting at a desk all day, hunched over and staring at a computer screen, give you a major kink in the neck and make you feel like you're going blind? Since I'm a law student (third year, almost done…

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I ran across a great image on the AshtangaNews blog today (check out the image below). It was produced by Flickr Leech, an image application that creates image collages based on keywords. All you have to do is type in…

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“The Hugging Mother”

Before this morning, I'd only sort of heard of Amma, the Hugging Mother. NPR had an interesting segment on a few aspects of this Indian Saint's work for making the world a more peaceful, compassionate place to live. Listen to…

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Take Some Time for Crystal-Clear Reflection

  [Photo originally uploaded on Flickr by Ms Ladyred]

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Daily Cup of Yoga Starts Today!

Daily Cup of Yoga loves everything and anything that deals with yoga. That means that just about anything is fair game for posting that pertains to yoga, contemplative, simple and spiritual living. Daily Cup of Yoga serves as a repository of…