Taking the Easy Way Out: Warrior III + Life

I used to think that if a pose was easy for me, it meant it was an easy pose—for everyone. I figured that if I felt strong, energized and calm in Warrior II then everyone did. Never mind the fact that every body is different. Never mind the fact that we’re all in different mental states—not just from each other but from moment to moment. Never mind the fact that different teachers teach things differently and following one teacher’s way of teaching may be easier than following another’s. If a pose was easy for me, it meant it was an easy pose—for everyone. Picture me with blinders on—like a horse plodding one foot in front of the other, seeing only the narrow vista right in front.

How to Take a Vacation When You Can’t Take a Vacation…Courtesy Beginner’s Mind.

Travelling is addicting. I recently read that serotinin—that’s the happy brain chemical—is released when we experience something new. Even receiving new emails is apparently enough to kick it into gear. No wonder we love being on vacation! New-ness around every corner! Serotonin overload!

7 Ways to Maintain a Home Yoga Practice

Getting going can be the hardest part. Some mornings, like today, I've been up late the night before, man oh man my mind is all over the place, and I'm convinced my body is telling me to go back to bed. "Don't you think another hour's sleep would benefit you more than meditation and asana?" On days like this, I can spend almost a quarter of my allotted morning practice time just sitting on my mat, debating with myself. "Go back to bed; it's okay." "Don't you get off your mat; you know how much better you'll feel after you do this." Then I sit and try to plan my flow, "Hey, at least I'm thinking about doing it."

5 Ways to Boost Your Intuition — and Why They Work

RANDOM RUN-INS WITH NOT-SO-RANDOM INSIGHTS I was sick of being tired, and tired of being sick. I had scored my dream job—assistant editor at a top-earning Canadian magazine. Scratch that. It was all I’d dreamt it would be, it just didn’t feel like a dream. I wasn’t sleeping, wasn’t digesting food, wasn’t at ease, wasn’t happy. My anxiety was through the roof.