3 Mantras to Build Your Self-Love

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.” Buddha. Self-love. We all need more of it. The teachings of yoga are big on self-love because of one spiritual truth: you cannot fully love others until you fully…

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5 Mood-Boosting Mantras to Get You Through Any Challenge

You must live alone, at least internally, in a quiet place. – Bhagavad Gita Have you ever caught yourself repeatedly reciting a word, phrase, or affirmation in your mind? Perhaps you’ve told yourself “you can do this,” over and over…

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Sacred Sound: Mantras & Chants

Many years ago when I started a yoga practice, I had no idea what it would reveal to me. I was just hoping for a little extra strength and flexibility, and I did what I could to avoid all the…

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Ashtanga Yoga Opening and Closing Mantra

Opening Mantra Listen here Closing Mantra Listen here.

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How to Use, Cleanse, and Store Mala Beads

A few pointers from Diana at Tiny Devotions on how to use, cleanse, and store mala beads: On the Spirit Voyage blog, which has a trove of meditation mantras, I discovered some interesting information about accupressure points on the fingers that can…